Each year in August a new class of 25-30 participants begins their two year program. The first year involves attending one full day class each month where they will be presented with actual class time devoted to learning basic leadership skills as well as visiting different Chamber of Commerce business partners to learn more about the community around them. These class days include topics such as: Industry Day, Education Day, Health and Human Services Day, Tourism Day, and Law and Government Day.

The second year of the program is the "Diplomat" year. This year is all about getting involved in the community as well as putting their leadership skills to use to help build the future of the community. During this process the participants learn to utilize different aspects of their own individual leadership skills to come together as one group to create positive learning opportunities and lessons from working together. The Diplomats will be divided into four different committees: Facilitators, Projects, Development, and Chamber Services. Each Diplomat will serve on one of the four committees.